The Council of Legal studies centre, adopted on 12 december 2022 the continuous professional development plans of races and Bodies on which have competence for the year 2023. Among them were approvedContinuous training Plan for a prosecutorprepared by the centre for legal studies on the proposal of the technical secretariat of the attorney-General and the participation of the education commission of the centre.

The plan for 2023 includes 58 training activities(a total of $2.93 places) organized on the following areas:

  • 1: Axis Training in gender mainstreaming and equality.
    Axis 2: Training in the fight against corruption and organized crime.
    3: Axis In modernization, change management and leadership.
    4: Axis For transparency, communication and ethics.
    Axis 5: Training in the new model of criminal proceedings. The investigating prosecutor.
    Axis 6: Training for specialization.
    Axis 7: Training on human rights, comparative law, european and international levels. New models of fairness: mediation, restorative justice and the role of conformance detection.

Along these lines and objectives be given to the existence of a core training activities whose individuals could encompass a own under the designation “ offer ”.

The selection of participants to the various activities shall be effected by convening public, except in rare cases in which the characteristics of the training activity will discourage. To that end, will be launched two calls, in december 2022 with activities under the first half and another in the spring with the second semester.

The witnessing activities (32) will take place mainly in Madrid, divided between the headquarters of the attorney-General and the Centro de Estudios Jurídicos. Activities include to-face encounters and stays different target audiences, such as that will take place in the bank of spain, in the Tax Authority or in the ministry of justice, in addition to the traditional summer School in the Pazo de Mariñán, that this year will focus on the amendment of the Organic Statute of the public prosecutor.

With regard to training in online mode (26), highlight the introduction by the first time induction courses in various fields (aliens act, environment, virtual security and gender issues), for which they develop multimedia training pathways with a practical approach and a high level of interactivity. Also, just point out the republication of the course on gender perspective with cross-cutting nature that so well received and valuation had by 2022.