State lawyers

The Council of Legal studies centre, adopted on 12 december 2022 the continuous professional development plans of races and Bodies on which has the power to 2023. Among them were approvedPattern of Continuous Training of lawyers of the state, which has been prepared by the centre for Legal Studies in collaboration with the Law of the state and the participation of the education commission of the centre.

The plan of continuous training of lawyers of the state to 2023 envisages a total of6 training activities(a total of300 places) organized on the following areas:

1. Training for specialization.
2. Training in gender perspective.
3. Training personal skills, communication and leadership.

Stresses the reordering of training activities on previous years, with a view to ensuring better coverage of places and optimization of resources. this way, the issues related to recruitment, grants and conventions have been consolidated in a single training activity for longer periods of time and blended in nature, in order to facilitate participation, especially of lawyers and lawyers of the state of new entrants.

In addition, with the incorporation of the office of Pedagogical Transformation will develop an interactive multimedia and, with a strong practical recruitment, to strengthen the training in this area.

The selection of participants to the various activities shall be effected by convening public, except in rare cases in which the characteristics of the training activity will discourage. To that end, two invitations will be launched in january, with activities under the first half and another in the spring with the second semester.