INTCF optional

The Council of Legal studies centre, adopted on 12 december 2022 the continuous professional development plans of races and Bodies on which has the power to 2023. Among them were approvedPattern of Continuous Training of the protocols to the INTCF, which has been prepared by the centre for Legal Studies in collaboration with the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences and the participation of the education commission of the centre.

The Plan of protocols to the INTCF includes a total of6 training activitiesa range of380 positionsin this body. The activities are organized according to the following areas: training

  1. Violence against women and sexual violence.
  2. Assessment of the personal autonomy and the system of support.
  3. Identification of human remains and situations of multiple fatalities.
  4. Update on forensic clinic.
  5. Update in forensic pathology.
  6. Modernization, change management and leadership.
  7. Update in forensic toxicology and toxicovigilancia.
  8. Update on research in environmental crimes.
  9. Update in forensic genetics.
  10. Digital processing of forensic science.
  11. Update on quality assurance.

Stresses the course on “ LEAN SIX SIGMA (LSS) as a methodology of optimization of resources in forensic laboratories ”, which will feature rapporteurs, internationally recognized and combine theoretical and practical uformación will comprise an assessment phase in institutes of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Moreover, is scheduledtwo meetings of directors of IMLs e INTCFs (120 beds).

The selection of participants to the various activities shall be effected by convening public, except in rare cases in which the characteristics of the training activity will discourage. To that end, two invitations will be launched in january, with activities under the first half and another in the spring with the second semester.