Counsel for the administration of justice

The Council of Legal studies centre, adopted on 12 december 2022 the continuous professional development plans of races and Bodies on which has the power to 2023. Among them were approvedPattern of Continuous Training of the body of counsel for the administration of justice, which has been prepared by the centre for Legal Studies with the collaboration of the secretariat-General for innovation and quality of public service of justice, involving the education commission of the centre and also integrated proposals received in a public consultation process.

The Plan of Continuous Training of the body of counsel for the administration of justice therefore includes40 training activities and 5 days and events(a total of 2,090 places) organized on the following areas: training

  1. Equality, inclusion and combating gender violence.
  2. Legal expertise and training related applied:
  3. Digital transformation
  4. Appropriate mechanisms for conflict resolution
  5. International Legal Cooperation
  6. Personal and interpersonal skills
  7. Organic regime. Professional ethics and conduct of the administration of justice.

The selection of participants to the various activities shall be effected by convening public, except in rare cases in which the characteristics of the training activity will discourage. To that end, will be launched two calls, in december 2022 with activities under the first half and another in the spring with the second semester.

Stresses the republication of the training activities that had increased demand by 2022 and management courses and management of work teams and citizenship in the Judicial Office, adding an edition in 2022 for the latter activity.

It introduces a novel the creation of virtual communities of meeting that, through a team of acceleration, sharing and exchanging best practices relating to the courts, commercial and social contencioso-administrativa. These forums will be a meeting in the second half to the pooling of the issues addressed in a presencial way.

The witnessing activities (22) will take place mainly at headquarters, legal studies centre in Madrid, except for the various conferences that envisaged their celebration in decentralized offices.

With regard to training in online mode (22), the establishment of a learning pathway in international legal cooperation, which, by way of pills formative covered both legal issues as we strengthen the use of tools and specific computer application.