Counsel for the administration of justice

The training, as an instrument for betterment and achieving high standards of efficiency and professional excellence, must be for those who are Legal Senior lawyers of the administration of justice a priority and preferential treatment throughout his career, beginning with an initial period of study teórico-práctica, dynamic and transform in line with the strategic direction marked by the ministry of justice.

The course selective intends to achieve a fast adaptation to their jobs, which in turn will enable their career advancement, as stipulated in article 96 of the rules of procedure of the body of Clerks (currently known as counsel for the administration of justice).

As stated in article 3 of the statute of the legal studies centre, approved by royal decree 312/2019, of 26 april, the legal studies centre is the body responsible for implementing the initial training of those who aspire to enter the body of counsel for the administration of justice.

In the design of the teacher education course planning selective, which is bound to combine theory with practical content, efforts are made to ensure that the contents held beyond the mere knowledge legal policy and technical that, while essential for the performance of its functions, is insufficient to the demands of professionalism and multidisciplinary qualifications that today's society demand. Therefore, a priority objective in the planning of initial training is to provide a greater understanding of the social context and the impact of the exercise of professional duties of this Body Is the legal Interests in society.