Forensic Doctors

During the course selective, students aspiring to join the corps of Forensic Doctors deepens and acquires certain aspects of their profession that were not addressed in the agenda of the opposition, although they are of particular importance and will face them on a regular basis. Between the skills that are addressed during the course was the development of skills and attitudes necessary for its professional practice as the communication, training, research and teaching activities.

Selective courses for Forensic Medical corps consists of two phases of learning:

  1. Teórico-práctico phase in the developing knowledge, from a practical orientation based in the case. It Is organized in different thematic modules developed in the centre for legal studies, either in person, whether with Virtual Campus. During this phase can also be included training sessions in places where the activity is carried out.
  2. Practical phase, develop vocational skills, skills and techniques that allow complete the initial training. This practical phase focuses on different areas of forensic medicine and is carried out under different collaborating centres with the centre for legal studies.