The training is not just a right of all prosecutors, but is also a real duty to society, as recalled the investigating magistrate no. 5/1993 of the office of the attorney General, and a guarantee that persons awaiting trial will receive a quality public service as envisaged in the white paper of the public prosecutor.

As stated in article 3 of the statute of the legal studies centre, approved by royal decree 312/2019, of 26 april, and in accordance with article 434 of the organic law 6/1985 of 1 july, of the judiciary and the rest of the implementing legislation, the centre for legal studies is the body responsible for implementing the initial training of applicants for membership of the Prosecutor.

Educational plans for a prosecutor annually undergo a review to ensure that training provided to prosecutors in practice, during their stay at the centre for legal studies, provide them with progressively competencies and skills to enable them to a more rapid and effective implementation to their destinations.