As stated in article 3 of the statute of the legal studies centre, approved by royal decree 312/2019, of 26 april, and in accordance with article 434 of the organic law 6/1985 of 1 july, of the judiciary and the rest of the implementing legislation, the centre for legal studies is the body responsible for implementing the initial training of those who aspire to join the Prosecutor and the bodies of counsel for the administration of justice, Forensic Doctors, protocols to the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences and, where appropriate, other staff in the service of the administration of justice.

The above-mentioned initial training is the second phase of the selection process and consists of a training course teórico-práctica which has a part in the JRC and addition of stay in prosecutors' offices, judicial offices, institutes of forensic medicine or at the national institute of Toxicology and Forensic sciences.

Courses are aimed at selecting appropriate preparations for the acceding countries, as in the various bodies for the performance of its functions. This preparation is carried out through a deepening specialised in the knowledge of higher incidence in each of the professional activities and through learning on the practical implementation of the proceedings and functions of these activities.

All course selective begins with a pre-planned manner in which fits the development of the teaching plan as a single document which reflects the general guidelines.

The curricula of the latest promotions are available in the section reserved for the initial training of each race or body.